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September 15, 2018



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“Therapy Dog Brings Love on a Leash,”
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About Us

Love on a Leash – St. Tammany is a local chapter of the national organization called Love on a Leash. We are a group of dedicated pet owners and their pets who volunteer their time to bring a moment of joy to the residents of our parish. Our goal is to provide interactions with our animals that will enhance people’s quality of life. Love on a Leash – St. Tammany offers unconditional love and acceptance, asking for nothing in return except praise, pets and an occasional treat.

Our mission:

  • to support and encourage positive interaction between pets and the people of St. Tammany parish
  • to increase public awareness of the benefits of pet-provided therapy
  • to provide opportunities for training, evaluation, and certification procedures for therapy animals and their owners

Love on a Leash – St. Tammany teams volunteer in the following locations:

  • Assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, senior health centers and rehabilitation facilities to provide companionship and encouragement;
  • Schools, libraries, day care centers and special education classrooms to encourage and promote reading programs as well as educate young people about being a pet owner.

We also attend various community events to increase public awareness of the benefits of pet therapy.